Why doesn't your website reach the first page of search results?

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Here's why your site can't get on the first page of Google

Have you spent time and effort optimizing your website to climb the search engine rankings, but you don't notice any improvement? Do you find yourself checking every day, hoping in vain that it will finally appear on the first page?

In this article, I outline the top three reasons why your site seems to remain anchored far from the top.

1) Your choice of keywords is too ambitious

If your site gets stuck in the back burner, even after perfect SEO optimization, it could be because you are targeting highly competitive keywords. It is common to overlook how tight the competition is for certain keywords, thinking that just optimizing your site properly is enough to reach the top spots.

However, many areas are saturated, and competing, for example, with giants such as amazon.com for high-search-volume monthly keywords without a solid backlink strategy or quality content is a sure path to failure.

2) Deficiencies in optimizing your site.

Many sites suffer from optimization flaws that limit their online visibility. These problems focus mainly on three aspects:

- Content: a lack of extensive, informative and up-to-date text seriously undermines SEO. If your site's pages have not been updated for years, with short, sparse pieces, it will be difficult to get high positions for the keywords of greatest interest.

- Metatag: Title, meta description and headline (H1) are often overlooked. A Title without the main keyword, uninviting meta descriptions, and inconsistent headlines can hurt your SEO efforts. Make sure these elements are optimized with your desired keywords.

- Speed: A slow site is penalized, both by users and by Google. The fastest sites dominate the first pages, so optimizing loading speed is crucial.

3) Lack of quality backlinks

Even if your site is nimble and rich in optimized content, it may not advance without a solid network of backlinks. Having only links from low-quality directories or irrelevant sites will not benefit your SEO strategy.

Getting a few articles on authoritative sites about your products or services is often enough to greatly improve your ranking, even for the most competitive keywords. Article marketing emerges as the fastest and most effective tactic for climbing the ranks on Google, regardless of the type of site or target keywords.

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