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Link Building as part of your marketing strategy can lead to breakthrough results. eProjectLab specializes in link building and helps entrepreneurs build a strong backlink profile that contributes to online growth. 

Link Building

What is link building?

Link building collects internal or external links to different pages of your website. These links, also known as backlink , are a way for users to navigate between pages on the Internet. In addition, search engines use links to crawl the Web. Google indicates that "these links are an important part of a page's ranking factor for reliability and relevance." The search engine checks whether authoritative Web sites link to or reference the content on your page. The higher the authority of a Web site where you get a link, the more value it gives to the page. Examples of authoritative Web sites are reputable news Web sites and highly viewed blog pages.


Then Google rewards your website with a higher position on the page where search results are shown ( SERP ). In this way you are easier to find and generate more traffic to your website. With link building you try to generate as many quality links to your website as possible.

Now that you know what link building entails, on this page we will outline all the important points for a good link building strategy. As mentioned, link building is necessary for a good position in search results. By getting valuable backlinks to your website, Google will better index your website and show it first in relevant searches. Clearly, this will have a major effect on traffic to your website.

With the help of this marketing strategy, we are then building targeted digital growth together. Are you up for the challenge, with eProjectLab as your link building specialist?

What are the benefits of link building

Why link building has value even in 2024?

Does a link building specialist tell you that adding your backlinks to other people's pages is still effective? So this sometimes causes a few furrowed brows. People are quick to think that link building is an obsolete principle. But nothing is less true. With the launch of the Google's new useful content update in 2022, the search engine is focusing even more on the visitor. So the better you respond to visitors' intentions with link building, the better you will be rated by Google. Use backlinks that add value to your website and invest in resources relevant to your industry.

With link building you generate more authority for your website (Page Authority). You also promote steady growth because you give certain categories a platform stage on others' platforms. Referral pages are still synonymous with reliability and security. So don't underestimate this marketing tool, because after laying a good foundation with search engine optimization , link building is your 'next step'. That is why it is still indispensable in the digital marketing world of 2024.

Different link building methodologies

Link building methodologies are numerous, but internal and external link building are the most well-known principles. With external link building you need to add your links naturally. Otherwise there is a chance that Google will see your backlinks as spam.

However, when a backlink is created because your content is shared on social media or on an external website, because your content is apparently relevant and shareable enough, a natural link is created. Google will not easily classify it as spam. At eProjectLab we are committed to this natural form of "building."

Another successful link building method is internal link building. With internal link building you create a natural path for the visitor through the internal links on your website. From the main page you send the visitor deeper into the website: from main categories to subcategories to products. With these "breadcrumbs," your visitors' path remains clear and they always know where they are on the website.

This also increases the chance that visitors will linger on your website after reading a page and click further to read more content. In addition to buttons and menu buttons, internal links are ideal for guiding visitors through your website. In addition, creating internal links also contributes to a stronger page rank of the page you refer to.

What is the link creation method of eProjectLab?

We believe it is important to offer real added value to our clients. That means we don't skimp on link building tools. Every day we monitor things like your competitors' link profiles and the performance of the strategy we have developed for you. We do this with the latest tools and techniques. We conduct in-depth research using measurement tools such as MOZ and Majestic, so we can then draw conclusions from the analysis. Observe, report, react: - We use a link building strategy that guarantees optimal results.

With eProjectLab, we developed our link building plan step by step to implement a successful link building strategy.

Why outsource link building to eProjectLab?

With the value of a link profile, it is important to create as natural a profile as possible so that outsourced linkbuilding can truly be a success. You can do this by combining different types of links together. Why is outsourcing link building through eProjectLab a good idea? This is partly due to our network of partners. In a short time we have built an impressive network that forms the basis of any external strategy. We maintain close contact with our partners on a daily basis, which ensures short lines of communication.

Our extensive link building network

We have therefore paid close attention to the various types of links we include in our network, so that the right combination is always available. 

We have intensive contacts with our partners. This allows us to determine whether they are a good match with the requirements and expectations you have set. We have selected the partners we work with based on sectors. The wide network allows us to target the right partners for different budgets. In our partnership we have a strict delivery time. What it means. After contact, we try to provide the requested backlinks as quickly as possible. 91.5% of our partners provide backlinks within 15 days. An achievement we can be proud of.

Because of our extensive network, we are always able to use the right approach. After all, we have access to all platforms that may be even remotely relevant to our clients. 

Finding the ideal link building tactics

In addition to well-known strategies, it is also important to think about appropriate link building tactics. To stand out in the digital landscape, creating unique concepts or tools is an approach that can pay off. For example, blog about your discovery or send information about potentially interested pages in hopes that they will link to your website.

Approaching partners or news sites is also a common link building tactic that helps you work on the number of referring domains and page authority. Partners are linked to your organization for a reason. And if your relationship is good, why wouldn't they want to reward you with a backlink?

Creating infographics or researching which sites contain your competitors' backlinks is also an effective link building tactic that has proven itself many times over. Marketers of companies that have already built name and reputation look for tools where brand names are already mentioned, but where backlinks (unlinked mentions) are still missing.

The do's and don'ts in link building

We have listed a number of suggestions for you that you should definitely pay attention to. But be careful! There are also many no-go's.

  • Secure links especially. With link building you benefit more from a high-quality link than from a proliferation of backlinks on "inaccurate" Web sites.
  • Work on your relationships. Partner partnerships are the panacea to success with link building. If you maintain your relationships well, the rest will follow.
  • Spread the backlinks. You don't create such a natural linkage profile by having everything connected to your "home." Varying in anchors and links. So don't spam the same anchors, despite the page topic assignment.
  • Become social. In link building, you should not only rely on other people's pages. Your social pages can also help by including links to your page. Win win win!
  • Do not commit to using the same type of links (several years), but choose a sustainable relationship and spread the types.
  • Put an end to the duplicate content . As tempting as it may be to post link building blogs on different forums or pages, don't do it. Entire sentences or paragraphs that appear in multiple places will be punished mercilessly by crawlers.
  • Do not purchase a large amount of irrelevant links. Irrelevant backlinks have a negative effect on your spam score, which can threaten the top search engine with a Google penalty . This penalty may result in decreased traffic or fewer impressions of your site on the SERP. So beware. Especially with the launch of Google's useful content update.

There are many other things not to do, but to be on the safe side, outsource the process to eProjectLab. Want to learn more about what we can do for you? Then contact us.

Get started on your own with link building

In addition to outsourcing, you can also start on your own with link building. One successful technique you can use is the so-called "skyscraper technique." The Skyscraper Technique is a link building strategy based on enhancing existing and popular content and replicating backlinks to increase traffic to your website. This approach was developed in 2015 by founder by Backlinko Brian Dean .

Below we briefly show you the steps you need to take. For more information and an extensive step-by-step plan, we would like to refer you to this blog by Ahrefs .

  • Step 1: Find relevant content with many backlinks

First of all, it is important to find relevant content. Use the various 'explorer' functions on Ahrefs. Think Site Explorer, Content Explorer or Keyword Explorer. With these functions you will search for relevant domains, content and keywords to apply to your link building strategy.

  • Step 2: Further improve your content

Based on the results found, you will try to make your content even better. Take your content to a higher level than your competitors. This can be done, for example, by adjusting and improving length, relevance, design, and depth.

  • Step 3: Reach the right target group

Finally, it is important to reach the right target group. Find and contact the stakeholders you know are interested. For example, look for parties that already have a connection in the content you analyzed and improved in the second step. Convince them that your content has more quality value.

However, we would like to point out the dangers of link building alone. The process can be time-consuming, cost a lot of money with no results, and can even lead to a drop in search engine rankings. To ensure that link building works for you, it is best to outsource the process to eProjectLab.

Frequently asked link building questions

Link building is a form of offpage optimization. This means that link building activities take place outside of one's own website. Link building involves generating links from external websites in order to build the best possible backlink profile. Link building is one of Google's evaluation criteria, which means that link building has an effect on organic positions in the search engine .

To reach a high position on Google through link building, it is important to know what Google takes into account. In addition to the quality and relevance of inbound links, there are other important factors that influence how a link is placed. This has to do with a natural 'growth' of the link profile and the use of anchors. By inserting links in the correct method, Google gets the impression that inbound links are being added naturally.

There are several ways to perform link building. On the one hand, it can be done for free by requesting links from websites yourself. On the other hand, this can be paid for by paying a price per link required. Depending on your goal, the link building strategy and thus the link building budget is determined.

There are many link building tools on the market, each with unique advantages and disadvantages. For example, most tools are suitable for checking backlinks, while other tools offer a clear scan of link building. To make things easier for ourselves and our clients, we at eProjectLab have developed our own clear tool that contains everything we believe is necessary for optimal results.

Search engines base the most relevant results on various factors. One of these factors is the authority of your website. To naturally increase this authority, link building is essential. You can therefore see link building as a tool for getting the big picture of your website right.

Link building is actually a good addition to the growth strategy for any website. Whether you have an online store, a website or even just a blog, with link building you secure better Google rankings and ultimately more traffic.

Link building alone carries risks. It can lead to declining positions, unnecessary costs and poor results. When you outsource link building, you are assured of a successful strategy designed by specialists.

You can usually expect the first results of your link building strategy within 2 to 3 months, provided your website offers the right foundation. Without the right technology and/or content of the website , link building will make little difference. So always make sure you have a good foundation first.

Analyzing the website where the article and/or link is placed, based on the topic on which the website is primarily expressed. Consider, for example, a Web site textually designed primarily for health care facilities. It is also only relevant to companies in the same industry.


In conclusion, we can say that link building can still be of great value in 2023 to support you in SEO growth. For example, a good link building strategy leads to a high-quality backlink profile and increased relevance of your website. These two aspects support a stable organic position so that your website appears higher and higher in Google search results. With growing positions, you attract more organic visitors to your website and win the battle against your competitors!

A good addition is responding to Google's useful content update. With the right strategy you put even more focus on your visitors and can organize it even better based on the visitor's intentions. What about Google's rating? It will automatically follow!

eProjectLab is happy to help you with the successful implementation of your link building strategy! Why us? Easy:

  • One of the largest networks in the Netherlands. Compared to our competitors, we simply offer more in terms of networks.
  • Thinking through the strategy together with marketing experts. Our marketers have already provided hundreds of companies with growth strategies in which link building is an important supporting component.
  • Not only a link building specialist, but also in other SEO areas. In addition to analyzing, executing, and optimizing your link building strategy, we also look at other opportunities for growth! If we can think proactively, we will immediately take a closer look at your entire seo on-page !